Beginners Guide to Yoga

  • Do you feel like everybody else is loving this yoga-thing but you don’t really know how to start?

  • Do you fear that yoga is too spiritual and mystic for you?

  • Have you been to beginners’ classes but found that they where either too fast, too slow or just not right for you?

Well… You have come to the right place.

This is YOUR beginners guide to yoga.

The word Yoga means Union. Union of body, soul and mind.
That can sound quite big and complex when we think about it. But do not worry, we will start with two elements which you know very well (but which you maybe have lost your connection too): Your body and your breath. That is all you have to bring to you mat, then you will be ready to do yoga.


I, Hanne, will be your guide. I teach a dynamic yoga style in a very down-to-earth, accessible way. I stay true to the 2000 year old philosophy of yoga, but I always  serve it in a way, which is relatable to life as we know it now a days.

Expect to get to find safe alignment in the most common asanas (= yoga positions), expect to feel your inner fire and inner softness, expect to (re-)connect to your breath and understand why the breath is so, so, so vital when practicing yoga.

You will get familiar with a few of the bandhas (= locks FX belly button lock) and you will get more familiar with yourself.

This row of classes is a mix of workshopping technique and then actually moving the body and breath.

And before you know it, you will be doing yoga.

Psssst… Think you are too unflexible to do yoga?
Well… You are not. Actually that sentence makes no sense at all. You will become more flexible by doing yoga. So, out with the bad excuses and in with the yoga mat.

This row of classes is perfect for you if you:

  • - Are you new at yoga

  • - Have had a break from yoga and want to start again

  • - Have been doing yoga, but never really understood the alignment of the poses and the technique of the different way of breathing

  • - Are a man

  • - Are a woman

  • - Are non-binary

  • - Are ready to let yourself grow and learn

There will be 8 videos in this program. A new video uploads every Friday morning. Once uploaded, the video stays online for ever, so you can do the video again and again (or do the program in your own pace).

All videos are between 25 – 40 minutes.

Two price options: 

  • 45 CHF/month (incl 3 days free trial)
    gives you access to all content of "Beginners Guide to Yoga" as well as all other content on Flow with Hanne (Barre, Yoga, HIIT, meditation, mindset-talks etc.)

  • 100 CHF for 3 months access to the "Beginners Guide to Yoga"-program only.
    Do the videos as many times as you like for 3 months. 

With love,