Core | Stable & Strong

The "Stable & Strong" Core Program is not just one long row of sit ups.
In fact, it is important, when working the core, that we work from the inside out. This means, that we will start with stability. And then build core strength on top of that. Like that we get both stability and strength. Now THAT is holistic, valuable way to work the core.

​While I will challenge you, and make you feel your core muscles every time you laugh for the time of this program  (sorry, not sorry) – I will also make sure we move through a program that is both safe and adjustable to your needs.

The program contains of 13 videos and a whole lot of "educational" content so that your mind start to understand your core in a new way.

The videos vary from from yoga and static work to animal moves and HIIT.
We work the deep core, the obliges and the "six pack" muscle.

You can finish the program in your own time. For the best effect I encourage you to get on your mat and do a video every second day. Why? Because it only works if you work it.

I hope you will join us to get stable and strong.

Love, Hanne

Join if you want to:

  • ... get stronger. No matter if you are already very strong or if for you “Core Strength” sounds like a foreign continent you have never been to

  • ... get a healthy, confident posture

  • ... increase the burn of fat around your belly (strong muscles burn more fat)

  • ... have a chance to improve back pain

  • ... help prevent injuries

  • ... protect those vital systems below the surface – inner organs and central nervous system

  • ... feel better



Two price options: 

  • 45 CHF/month (incl 3 days free trial)
    gives you access to all content of the CORE program as well as all other content on Flow with Hanne (Barre, Yoga, HIIT, meditation, mindset-talks etc.)

  • 100 CHF for 3 months access to the CORE program only.
    Do the videos as many times as youd like for 3 months.