Who is Hanne

Hi There,

My name is Hanne, I am 36 years old, mom of two, Dane living in Switzerland and I am a passionate movement lover.

I run a successful yoga & movement studio in Winterthur, Switzerland, and I want to be able to offer more people to experience the joy and power of movement. 
I started Flow with Hanne in January 2022 out of a desire to share the magic and transformative effect that I have experienced yoga and movement having on my own life.

When I step on to my mat and start to feel my breath and body, I suddenly feel more home. On my mat I can connect with my deepest desires. In my life off the mat, this connection helps me make choices which are aligned with what I truly want.

I want you to be able to experience that too.

As much as I love yoga our body, mind, breath and soul benefit from moving in different patterns.
So, I do a lot of yoga. But I also love a good round of cardio work and ... well,... Basically whatever other movements I find fun and interesting.
The truth is, that you can do yoga, while doing High Intensity Training too… It is about your mindset

I am a certified yoga teacher with the highest approval possible within Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500), I have taught over 2.000 classes, and I am educated Barre Instructor from Body Love Fitness in Zürich.

I want to give you the tools and techniques to safely meet your own body's unique needs and find your alignment every time you step onto your mat... so that you can do the same in your life of the mat.

If you want to follow more of my little universe, feel free to drop by my Instagram account. You will find it here

Love & Appreciation,