What is this all about?

Well... Flow with Hanne (FWH) is a subscription-based streaming service with online classes in English. It allows you to do all the movement you want in the comfort of your own living room, on the beach, in your hotel room, etc - whenever you want.

When you sign up, you get full access to all the material on the site immediately. All you need is a mat, floor space, and internet access - and you're good to go.

"So, it is like Youtube but I have to pay?

In a a way yes... haha... It gives you the same flexibility as Youtube. You can choose between different class styles, duration and intensity. However, you get to know the teacher, me, and you get to be part of a community of fellow Flow with Hanne-movers.

And, I, Hanne, want to get to know you too. 
Therefore I want to be as available for you/the members as possible. I want to give you an insight in my life (Instagram), I want to do the classes that you need, and I want to build community around this platform.

Although we will be practicing on our own, I want to give you the feel of being part of a community - a tribe. YOUR TRIBE.

More over

There is no commitment to your membership with FWH.

No binding.
No set-up fee.
No hidden agenda.
Just plain movement.


My aim it is to make this platform more than just an annonumes video platform. I want to build a community with you. 
Follow me on @flowfabrik on Instagram and feel free to reach out to me at any time.

A mail will go out to all members once a week with a suggestion for videos to do in the following week.

Also, I will from time to time invite all members to join live classes hosted on Zoom (of course free of charge for all members).

Thank you for allowing me to guide you

Love & Appreciation,